How It Works

When your battery is connected in your vehicle, even when the ignition key is off, there's still things that draw current and continue to drain the battery. That's why its so common to go to start a vehicle, like a boat, or classic car, after sitting several weeks or more, to find the battery dead. This is both inconvenient and costly as a fully dead battery is often damaged from being left so flat. ANBI is a really simple, high quality, robust solution. Once its fitted in a quick easy few steps, the device allows you to very quickly disconnect and reconnect power, at the flick of the switch.

Its build to the highest standards meeting local and international requirements so you know its up to the job.

Operation is quick and easy no tools required to switch it of and on

Install is a piece of cake with all supporting instruction videos and photos on this web site

Check out this video for a quick overview, or click on the picture that shows your type of vehicle to know more.